very saddening account


via Amr al-Azm (who prefaces) this is a very good (long) read on Bashar’s Syria, the ways in which its elites and middle class are complicit, the value of being a “foreigner” and the private system of education now rampant in Syria (as well as in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, etc.) Amr wrote:  “Here  is a powerful description of the experiences of an old friend of mine Martin Makinson in Syria. His account is important because it sheds light on that aspect of Syrian life and society that is often glossed over or hidden from most westerners and and accepted by many Syrians.”

**Note:  Before the story was posted, Yalla Souriya issued a note of warning about Makinson.  I was told in May 2013 that the story is all lies and that Makinson is engaging in revenge (presumably against his former employer).  Now, I personally experienced illegal treatment by an academic institution…

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