“The American landscape allows for only have one type of moderate Muslim – pro-US policy moderates. Others aren’t “moderates.” Our intellectuals have to represent themselves as agnostics, or hyper-religious – nothing in between will do.”
How true!


On the ‘Innocence of the Muslims’ a film by Nakoula Bassile Nakoula (or Sam Klein, Nakoula, M. Sedak, and ???)

I saw an image of a long-haired hippy-ish white guy in my Facebook home feed, and clicked on the link only to recoil at the crude, insulting short trailer labeled the “Innocence of the Muslims.” Then clicked on another to hear this trash repeated in a dubbed Arabic version. Suddenly, an IM came from a colleague at Oxford University (I will not name him because he might not want me to) and on his page, he and I and a few other folks who follow events in Egypt closely and tried to figure out the media postings of inaccurate statements about Sam Bacile (actually N. B. N) the fictitious filmmaker, first a mystery, then an Israeli, then an Egyptian Christian (which they had been fed by an Islamophobe who “consulted”…

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