Syria Update, August 28, 2012 (Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Strategic Studies)

Why am I blogging about Syria? Have been posting on FB and on for over a month because:

*Pro-Assad, apologist and anti-Islamist persons, media, academics, and employees are making incredible allegations in the media, cyberspace, and in professional association lists in order to diminish support for the Syrian opposition and Syrian civilian victims. Some have gone to great lengths to deny serious massacres of civilians and Syrian regime sources are blaming the opposition for attacks that state forces and militias have carried out.

*not all news sources report accurately and it is a confusing task to sort through it all. Syria blocked foreign media from entering the country for months, and now permits only certain coverage in some areas while allowing the “embedded” Robert Fisk, an apologist, to be its spokesperson abroad. Some other media post…

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