At this rate (200-250 deaths a day), this is about 6000-7500 deaths a month, and 72000-90000 deaths a year! How much longer will nations with power and influence sit around and observe this continuing massacre?


Syria Update, August 27, 2012 (Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Strategic Studies. By Sherifa Zuhur)

The current death toll is 202.

Casualties on Sunday updated to 260. Earlier Sunday this breakdown was given: 58 in Damascus and the outlying areas of Damascus, 20 in Dara`a, 10 in Aleppo, 8 in Hama, 6 in Homs, 5 in Idlib, 1 in Latakia and 1 in Quneitra.

The SAA shelled Zamalka in the Damacus area killing 20.

Syrian state television announced that a helicopter had crashed in the al-Qaboon area of Damascus. However, an FSA brigade claimed to have shot down the helicopter.

The SAA shelled Sahel al-Ghab in the Hama district killing ten.

The SAA bombed Ariha in Idlib province by air. The SAA also shelled Kafr Nabel in Idlib killing one and injuring others.

Many were killed yesterday in in Busrah al-Sham, reportedly all children.

Bodies of 20 persons who…

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