Syria Second Update August 19, 2012 (Institute of Islamic, Middle Eastern, and Strategic Studies. By Sherifa Zuhur)

Today’s death toll is currently 160. Of civilians and opposition: 51 in Dara`a, 20 burned bodies in Hrak, 47 dead in the suburbs of Damascus, 22 in Aleppo, 11 in Homs, 15 in Idlib, 7 in Deir az-Zur, 4 in Latakia, 1 in Hama and 2 in Hasakeh.

According to the Local Coordination Committees of the opposition, 4,685 were killed during Ramadan including 342 women and 445 children.

The opposition continued to battle in Aleppo, trying to take control of the airport.

Helicopters over Aleppo dropped leaflets today which warned Allepines to stop sheltering the rebels and told the FSA it had a last chance to surrender. Some leaflets stated that “the holder of this pass is allowed to cross security forces checkpoints to surrender. The holder of the pass will be treated…

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