Syria Second Update August 8, 2012 (IMEIS ….. Sherifa Zuhur)

The death toll is 162.

The FSA reported that 100 SAA troops were killed in Aleppo. This was a result of a huge ground attack on Aleppo.

The FSA has recaptured parts of Salahaddin area in Aleppo following a counter-attack on the SAA. Just a few hours earlier, the government had claimed that it had captured all of the Salahaddin area. This video, filmed yesterday, shows the scale of the destruction in Salahaddin.

The Tawheed Brigade of the FSA destroyed five tanks and shot down an SAA MIG in Aleppo. The Brigade has a Facebook Page where it countered the reports that it had been driven out of the Salahaddin area as merely propaganda. Likewise, the Guardian’s correspondent Martin Chulov denied that they had been driven out of the area.

The SAA shelled the Assali neighborhood of Damascus.


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