Another update. The situation in Aleppo, already bad, is on the verge of getting much worse. I know of well-off families in Homs struggling to get by, many fleeing when they have the chance. There seems to be little international diplomacy going on aside from the usual talk of impending atrocities. The world watches while Syria devolves from a manageable crisis to a disastrous civil war with all the jihadist nightmares we love to fantasize about in the West. We are allowing this to happen through inaction. It’s a shame.


Syria Update August 5, 2012 (IMEISS … by Sherifa Zuhur)

The death toll is at least 145 today.

Heavy fighting continued in Aleppo and at least 21 died there (in addition to SAA). The SAA reported it had killed many in the opposition in the Khan al-Assal area. There were heavy clashes in the Meridien neighborhood. As warplanes continue to strafe and shell certain areas, the BBC reported that 20,000 SAA were surrounding the city. However, the FSA has held its ground in various areas that it has controlled over the last days, and previous reports showed that the FSA was actually surrounding the SAA, i.e. it may be more difficult for the SAA to move outward from the city center when and if it does. On the other hand, the FSA is far outnumbered if the above report is correct.

Other reports indicate that the SAA is still not…

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