More news updates from a variety of sources. The situation remains dire but there are also signs of hope that ordinary Syrians and some leaders are looking toward a brighter future for their country.


Syria Update August 3, 2012 (IMEISS …. Sherifa Zuhur)

Friday’s death toll is currently 120.

Shabiha affiliated to the regime murdered the imam of the al-Zabeer mosque in Tadamun in Damascus today.

Thousands of SAA flooded into the previously rebel-held area of Tadamun in Damascus today after week-long efforts. They conducted house-to-house raids

The SNC announced today that the opposition will not withdraw from Aleppo. This apparently signals the intent of the remaining opposition fighters to battle for victory or death.

Internet and telephone services are still cut off in Aleppo. The SAA is still attempting to retake FSA-held areas.

The FSA took control of a police station and the scientific research building in Aleppo today and also detained snipers.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in al-Shaar in Aleppo today and called for the death of Bashar al-Assad and also for “freedom and peace.”

The SAA shelled al-Sukari today in Aleppo.

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