Syria Update 2 August (IMEISS … Sherifa Zuhur)

Thursdays death toll is at least 71.

The FSA used a tank captured from the SAA to bombard the Menagh military airport outside Aleppo. The FSA has not as yet used much of the heavy armaments it has captured. It was the great disparity in the FSA’s small arms and the SAA’s heavy artillery, mortars, warplanes, helicopter gunships that had some experts predicting that the opposition could not hold out for long, and must instead select points for fighting, then retreat and regroup in new areas.

Mobile phone and internet services have been cut off in Aleppo. Syriatel is working, but only for calls.

The SAA shelled the Salahaddin area of Aleppo as clashes with the FSA took place there.

The SAA attacked the area of Araba`een in the northeastern part of the city of Hama since last night and through the…

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