Syria Update 1 August (IMEISS … Sherifa Zuhur)

Today’s death toll is 117 including 50 killed in Jdayet Artouz in a massacre outside of Damascus (this was initially reported as 30 killed). Here is a graphic picture of the victims.

Bashar al-Assad gave an address to government forces to create a sense of existential threat to spur them on to fight the opposition with greater zeal. He said that Syria’s “battle with the enemy takes multiple forms” and “determines the destiny of our people and nation.” Some reports said he referred to a crucial and heroic battle which might mean Aleppo.

Sausan Ghosheh, the U.N. mission spokeswoman in Syria issued a statement which simply said heavy weapons are being used (and captured) in Aleppo, and the U.N. is very concerned about civilians.

The SAA is using MIG-21 fighter jets to strafe and bomb opposition-held areas of Aleppo. Fierce…

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