27 July Syria: Update (IMEISS: Sherifa Zuhur)

By early afternoon, 61 people had died in Syria.

The SAA engaged in intense artillery shelling of the areas around Aleppo today. Heavy caliber mortar rounds have been targeting the west of the city and helicopter gunships have been bombarding eastern Aleppo.

The SAA has encircled Aleppo and the opposition reports they have no doctors or equipment to treat those injured, although they have stockpiled medical supplies as well as ammunition. The Red Crescent has suspended some of its operations due to the heavy fighting.

The SAA killed 15 people in the Firdaws area of Aleppo when they bombarded a building.

The FSA said it had captured 100 SAA troops in Aleppo.

The SAA surrounded the as-Said hospital in al-Mayadeen in Damascus and clashing with the opposition there. SAA troops moved heavily into and fired on the al-Hajjar al-Aswad neighborhood of Damascus.


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