The carnage mounts as does global indifference to the plight of the Syrian people. Shame on Russia and China, to be sure, but shame on the Western powers for letting this get out of hand. And of course, SHAME on the Assad regime and its allies for killing not only people but hope for a better future. Pray for peace and for the future of Syria.


26 July Syria Update (by Sherifa Zuhur)

The death toll by the early evening was 145.

The SAA clashed with the FSA near the Commercial Bank in Aleppo, and in the neighborhoods of al-Firdaws and al-Ansari. This is the sixth day of fighting in Aleppo.

A major SAA assault on Aleppo is expected as 80 tanks are stationed outside of southern Aleppo, the SAA has been shelling by helicopter gunship and mortar, and the U.S. has warned of a bloodbath. The opposition in the area of Salaheddin said they plan to fight to the death. The FSA’s Ahmed Zaidan said the SAA was trying to send even more troops to Aleppo, but the FSA was trying to delay them by launching attacks or closing roads.

UNESCA urged the combatants to try not to damage historically-important sites
especially in Aleppo (some have been badly damaged in Homs and elsewhere already)


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