Updates on Syria. I hadn’t wanted to make my blog political in this way (wishing to keep it literary), but not only have I not been able to post recently, there is no way to avoid politics and everyone should seek as much information as possible on the growing atrocities in Syria. Subscribe to Sherifa Zuhur’s blog for more updates. Pray for peace.


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25 July Syria Update (by Sherifa Zuhur)

The death toll had reach 83 by mid-afternoon on Wednesday. (A different news source lists 100) The death count for Tuesday was 182.

By late afternoon, the FSA claimed to hold about half of Aleppo and a major confrontation is expected as a huge number of SAA troops have moved into the area from Edleb. There was fierce fighting in Aleppo over the previous night.

The SAA has been shelling al-Herak, al-Shaykh Maskin and Daraa al-Balad

An SAA air raid on al-Ruston in Homs killed 6 people. The SAA shelled al-Qadam in Damascus. In the al- Qaboun area of Damascus, 20 bodies were discovered which had been tortured and/or burned. (A different news source listed 11 bodies)

The SAA shelled the village of al-Thahiriyya in…

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